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BIOS hold a strong position among various other software which makes the computer run properly. It is known as the Basic Input Output System which is stored on the motherboard. BIOS manage the flow of data between the computer and other devices which are attached to the system. It has generic codes which help the system in controlling mouse, keyboard, disk drives and display screens.

To enhance the performance of your computer or laptop, you need to update BIOS from time to time. By updating BIOS, you can also fix any issues with your system or can also support hardware which you have installed recently. As such BIOS update is very much important to boost up your laptop or computer; it can also turn out to be dangerous for your device. If your device does not need any BIOS update, you should not update it and keep using the old version. If there is any interruption in between the updating procedure, it can also damage the motherboard permanently.

Update BIOS with Expert Guideline

As it can be dangerous for the motherboard if the BIOS is installed correctly, you need step by step guideline to install or update BIOS. Update Your BIOS by following few steps:

  • Your system needs the current version of BIOS to work efficiently. Find the most recent version of BIOS to get the most relevant update.
  • The downloaded update needs a proper safe location to store it. You need to determine the storing location of BIOS update version.
  • Before updating the BIOS, backup is a must. Though there are updates where backup option comes normally if you don’t get an option, it is better to have a back up of the old version.
  • Before you start updating the BIOS, you need to ensure that the power supply remains intact. Any power failure can interrupt the updating procedure which can damage the system.
  • After ensuring the battery or UPS support for your system, you can start installing the downloaded version of BIOS.
  • After updating BIOS, you need to restart the system so that the updating procedure that gets completed fully. In many updates, the system restarts automatically whereas in some cases you get an option to restart the machine.
  • If necessary you need to clear the setting of the old version of BIOS and then configure the BIOS properly.

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