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Computers are a necessity in our daily life. If we are regular in handling PCs, we are familiar with the term blue screen error. Blue screen error is also known as BSOD is a type of screen error which occurs when the system crashes seriously. Computer users must face this error once in their lifetime. If you notice a red signal or an error message, you need to stop your work at that particular time.

Blue screen error is a type of error screen and occurs when your system’s standard functioning undergoes interruption due to some reasons. Many reasons like poor printer driver, faulty memory, power supply issue, overheating of components, bugs in the Operating system can cause BSOD. If your computer or laptop is facing Blue screen error, get a timely checkup from Blue Screen Error Service. BSOD needs immediate attention from you as a user.

These are the Following BSOD Error Codes:

Unlike other computer errors, BSOD displays the exact reason behind the error within itself. Only you need to give favorable attention to these errors. If you are viewing the following error codes, reach us:


The following error codes occur due to recent activity of software update or new hardware installation on your computer system. Hence, it is essential for you to remember the last action to solve the error as soon as possible. You may be unable to find out the cause of the failure and explain it. Relax! Do not worry. Contact Blue Screen Error Support to resolve blue screen error problems within a short period.

We are Providing You With the Following Expertise solutions:

If you are a Windows 8, start your computer and press F8+Shift to open Recovery Mode. Then select See Advanced Repair options and press Troubleshoot. Then choose Advanced Options. Then click on Windows Startup Settings and click on Restart. If you are using Windows 10, you need to select Troubleshoot the Choose an Option Screen. Then Click on Advanced Option. Then Click on Start Settings. Then click on Restart Button. Press F4 as the computer rebooting finishes to enable safe mode.

For Windows 7 user, follow these steps only if you are having Startup Repair preinstalled on your system. At first, remove all CDs, DVDs, and USBs from the system. Then right-click on the computer screen and go to Properties. Then go to Advanced tab. Then select Settings button from the Startup and Recovery section. Then Uncheck the Automatically Restart option from the System Failure Section and click on OK. Then restart your system. Then press F8 before the Windows logo appears. Then you need to select the safe mode option and Press Enter.

In case you are unable to follow the steps, feel free to reach our customer service. Do not miss the chance of getting an affordable service from our tech experts.

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A blue screen problem can risk your computers. It is, therefore, necessary to solve all kind of issues as soon as possible. Blue Screen Error Service provides the users with essential help for BSOD. Solve all your problems by calling us at our HP Customer Service Phone Number +1-888-708-1779.

We work until we resolve all BSOD errors. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers. We are available to you 24*7. So, do not fail to contact us. Trust us and stay in touch. We won’t let you down.