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A Computer Monitor is an output device which comprises of circuitry, casing, display device and power supply. In general, it shows information in a pictorial form and is made up of thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) and LED backlighting. Earlier they were used only for data processing but nowadays it is also used for entertainment.

Hewlett-Packard or HP is a multinational company which manufactures products like desktop PCs, laptops, Tablets and various other hardware and software devices. Based on Annual revenues, HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG) becomes one of the leading vendors of PCs in the world. They deal with different products for different users like for handheld computing (iPAQ Pocket PC); for digital entertainment (HP MediaSmart Servers, HP MediaVaults) etc. Does your Monitor screen is showing you the wrong resolution?  If the problem persists then contact our experts. If you are coming across any such difficulty or any other issue regarding your monitor screen then don’t hesitate to refer us.

Your Monitor shuts off randomly

If your monitor display periodically turns off then it might not be getting sufficient power from the socket or outlet. The reason may be that your power cable is not correctly plugged in or your power converter is overheating. So, in that case, it needs a replacement.

Does your Monitor is displaying dead pixels?

It can be really irritating when you are trying to watch your favorite serial and you get a small green dot. These dead pixels are a physical malfunction of the screen panel. If your monitor has an invisible crack in it then it has been subjected to physical trauma.  This may also result that your LCD panel is damaged and need a repair.

The flickering of Monitor Screen

If you found that your monitor screen is stuttering or flickering then it may be due to faulty video cable or may be due to loosening up of any retention screws. If the refresh rate setting is incorrect, it may also cause flickering in the screen. For resolving this issue, one needs to update their video drivers.

Our skilled techies are instrumental in offering the following services to the customers:

  • We replace LCD, CRT, and touch screen monitors
  • Replacement of LCD or Picture tube and high voltage fly back
  • Repairs have been made of board and component levels
  • Deals with issues like repairs of screens, backlight assemblies, power supplies and picture tube or LCD replacement.

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Our team is managed by a team of immensely talented and highly dedicated professionals who surpassed their counterparts by maintaining client-centric approach. We have been giving quality bound services by analysing and troubleshooting the reason behind the damage or failure of the appliances.

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